S. Stefano Magra Dry Port

The dry port of Santo Stefano di Magra, about 88,000 square meters, is located approx. 8 km from the port and represents a real strength for the port and logistics system linked to the port of La Spezia.

The target for the future?

An integrated logistics hub of La Spezia, Marina di Carrara and Santo Stefano Magra

Strategic Axes

New Infrastructures

This will offer the possibility of moving goods by rail, reducing road traffic, using the areas that serve the port directly.

The layout of the tracks will be reorganized for the construction of an intermodal platform equipped with special lifting equipment ideal for loading rail convoys, with arrivals and shipments of complete trains, as happens on the port tracks.

Single Service Centre

Processes and procedures shall undergo functional integration between the port and the dry port and a real extension of port operating space
  • Single Window for Customs and Controls (already under construction).
  • Integration with the already operational services of the PCS ApNet, to which others will have to be added for the dry port and possibly the Marina di Carrara port, and the corridor platform developed in the project WiderMoS.
  • Intermodal centre, served by rail shuttle and used as a station of origin/destination for the trains scheduled for the connections with the inland terminals.