Port of Marina di Carrara

The port of Marina di Carrara has commercial relationships with at least 85 ports in 48 Countries scattered across the continents. It has connections to all countries in the Mediterranean area, the Black Sea, Northern Europe, Western Africa, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Central and South America, Canada, United States, Far East, China, Japan, Indian subcontinent, etc.

Each year over three million tons of goods, 78% of which are stone, are loaded and unloaded. A regular container line has been in operation since 1998.

The port also has an Intermodal Dry Port Centre, the “Apuan Dry Port”, which sees the transit of more than 300,000 tonnes of goods of foreign origin for domestic destinations and over 200,000 tonnes are received for boarding with a foreign destination.
In addition, the dry port has two railroad tracks connected to the Tyrrhenian railway line.

Port traffic 2005-2020