Port Community System

The ports of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara are equipped with IT platforms that allow for digitalization of the processes, a source of the ports’ competitive advantage on the international market. The objective of the AdSP (Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea) is to pursue completion of digitization and automation of port processes – as well as integration of the individual Port Community Systems and interoperability with national platforms, primarily that of the Customs Agency (AIDA and Trovatore) and the Harbour Master’s Office (PMIS and NMSW). To this end, the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea shall carry out all actions considered useful to achieve interoperability of its platforms with the National Logistic Platform. Particular attention shall be paid to completing the integration of railway processes, including advanced security, manoeuvring and signalling, making the most of the results (Corridor Management Platform) of the WiderMos project.

PCS La Spezia

In the Port of La Spezia, after sharing all institutional and private components involved in the goods management cycle, the ApNet platform was developed for data exchange among all operators in the port community, including both Public Administrations and private operators. The ApNet platform acts as a common interface with the national platforms and speeds up data exchange and communications between the members of the port community, simplifying cargo-related operations with consequent reduction in time and costs. The port of La Spezia is also equipped with the CMP (Corridor Management Platform) developed within the WiderMOS EU project. The integration between the ApNet platform and the Corridor Management Platform has made it possible to manage the information flow throughout the entire supply chain between the port and inland terminal, involving all operators and interfacing with the Customs Agency systems.

PCS Marina di Carrara

At the port of Marina di Carrara, developed within the Regional Operational Programme Regional Competitiveness and Employment (P.O.R.C.Re.O.), the CarraraSmartPort platform 2007-2013 of the Region of Tuscany has been operational for three years. It consists of independent, integrated modules thanks to a centralized database. This database is optimized to manage and monitor all port procedures.
The scope of the CarraraSmartPort Platform is to provide a digital environment shared with the port community that can integrate with the national PMIS, AIDA and PLN systems, to provide useful, real-time information to the authorities responsible for monitoring port activities and managing passenger emergencies.>